Millennial’s Choice was founded on the principal of not only helping our clients with their Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance goals, but educating a generation in areas that are commonly not taught or even spoken about, Financial Literacy. We’ve decided to take that to the next step.

MC University is an exclusive program carefully created and curated by educators and the Founder and Broker of Millennial’s Choice himself, Matthew Ablakan. This program will give us the opportunity to educate people of all ages, especially young people, in the areas of Real Estate, Mortgage, and Insurance.

We are doing this in three ways:

1.       Seminars

2.       In-class sessions

3.       Educational videos

Throughout the year, we hold seminars on different topics that are open and available to everyone. These seminars range in sessions pertaining to First Time Home Buyers, How to Benefit from your Insurance, and many more. These seminars are a great way for anyone to learn salient information about these important areas in their lives.

In addition, we are partnering with local governments and schools to help shape and improve the Ontario curriculum in these areas. We are creating “Financial Literacy Week”, which will give us the opportunity to spend a week in schools and teach students, teachers, and parents about the necessary information they need to know regarding the various subjects in Financial Literacy.

Moreover, we have created a weekly video series known as #MCUniversity, where we speak about the different topics regarding Financial Literacy. These videos are posted all across social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Whatever we do, and however we do, we always want to make sure that we are positively contributing to the community, after all, we live here too. Our goal is to help educate and prepare people for the challenges they will face in their financial lives, and to let them know we are here for you when you are ready for the next step.

Proper Financial Literacy is key to success in a person’s lifetime, and we want to set everyone up for the opportunity to be successful. People should not have to be afraid to deal with these major areas, and with MC University, you will no longer have to be.

MC University, to Empower Canadians, through Education, with the Ability to Make the Best Financial Decisions.